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Neon EVM



Neon EVM is a solution for anyone looking to scale Ethereum dApps on Solana in a developer-friendly manner and tap into Solana's vibrant ecosystem. It is a fully Ethereum-compatible environment on Solana


🏆 Best Neon EVM use case$5,500
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000       ④ $500   
Create a dApp with a use case that leverages at least one of the aforementioned Neon EVM features: - Utilising micro transactions (the more txs the better). - Utilising cheap transaction cost. - Utilising fast finality ( 1,2 seconds is the finality of NeonEVM). - Adapting an existing DeFi primitive to Neon brand and adding some unique features

Qualification Requirements

The expected results: a working and verified smart contracts, UI (very desirable).

🏎 Most Transactions on Neon EVM$1,500
   ① $1,000       ② $500   
Prize pool for those who will make the most transactions on Neon EVM.

Qualification Requirements

Only accounts having their first transaction after the start of the Hackathon.


Ethereum dApps Deployed & Run on Solana

The workshop will provide invaluable insights into how to integrate EVM applications with the Solana network to ben...

This workshop is happening in-person

02:40 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 4