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Every big web3 idea starts with a Pragma

A one-day, single-track summit with intimate, high-quality talks by industry leaders for a global audience.

Introducing Pragma

A high-quality and curated web3 summit, from start to finish

ETHGlobal hackathons stand out from the crowd, and Pragma events are no exception. By focusing on the conversations that are most important to the industry, we’re helping explain the foundations of what’s next in Web3.

Pragma is chalked full with hand-picked unique talks, product demos, keynotes and debates about current challenges and solutions. There's no risk of missing crucial information due to overlapping presentations, or the need to dash from one corner of the venue to another to catch your favorite speaker. Web3’s alpha leaks first at Pragma.

What to expect at Pragma

Be the first to get expert insights

Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders and forge meaningful connections with some of the best in business. We plan Pragmas months in advance to offer our attendees an exclusive access to important product launches and ecosystem announcements.

Curated from 0 to 1

We carefully handpick everything - from our partners and attendees to the topics we discuss and the speakers we invite. At Pragma, we delve into the latest industry trends and have meaningful conversations, offering a learning experience that begins as soon as you get your ticket.

Dedicated time for networking

Whether over Lunch or a coffee we’ve got your networking covered. With dedicated break out time to meet attendees and access to the attendee portal, you’ll see who’s attending the event and be able to set up your conversations in advance.