PowerLoom πŸ›  Hacking on DeFi data using PowerLoom Protocol


Dec 2, 2022


Spoken At

ETHIndia 2022

Featured Speakers


Anomit Ghosh


Swaroop Hegde

βš™οΈ PowerLoom Protocol offers pre-computed, validated snapshots of state transitions on Uniswap style AMM smart contracts. For the EthIndia hackathon, we are opening them up over a public HTTP API. πŸ’Ύ These datasets are present on IPFS, chronologically linked by IPLD that can support interesting ways of extracting insights from trading activity. πŸ“ˆ In this workshop, we will go over parsing the datasets to help hackers work with timeseries data points like the following and using them to compose more complex use cases. πŸ—„ token reserves (aka liquidity) πŸ’° trade events and fees - Mint, Swap, Burn