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Zuland Era

A medieval-themed RPG where AI controlled adventurers quest and slay monsters.

Zuland Era

Created At

Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

This game is a top-down medieval RPG where you are the game master. You can not directly control the in-game characters, instead they are being controlled by a GPT server and will learn and take actions through prompts. The characters can improve their stats through training, and go into a dungeon to battle monsters. The character stats are synchronized with the blockchain.

How it's Made

The game itself is built with and runs in the Godot 4 game engine. The Godot character scripts are interacting with a python server that is running LangChain/OpenAI which provide the characters with actions to take in-game. The character stats are synchronized with the blockchain through a MUD node.js server which the Godot character scripts send requests to upon stat updates.

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