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ZKsig NFTs

Marketplace delegated authorization using NFTs and legally binding agreements

ZKsig NFTs

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Project Description

Click here to watch our video We used the FEVM to create ERC-721 NFTs from legally binding agreements like Docusign meets the blockchain.

Additionally, we created four delegated authorization contracts for marketplace deal proposals that gates access via NFTs:

  1. ProviderNFTDealClient - ensures that a deal provider owns an NFT.
  2. ClientNFTDealClient - ensures that a deal client owns an NFT.
  3. CommonNFTDealClient - ensures that the provider and client own an NFT.
  4. AgreementNFTDealClient - ensures that the provider and client have signed a legally binding agreement (verified via NFT).

With this infrastructure in place, a host of marketplace use cases open up:

  • DataDAO only deal proposals where membership is managed via NFT
  • On-chain enforced legally binding service agreements
  • Implement terms of service for a marketplace
  • Enforce KYC rules for a marketplace

How it's Made

  • FEVM to store digital signature and agreement information
  • Filecoin/IPFS to store encrypted agreement PDFs and metadata
  • FEVM to create NFTs for agreements
  • FEVM to create DealClients

We are still unsure about how to get an f410 address or FEVM address from the MarketAPIs call to our DealClients. We've hacked this together via the mocks for now, but in the future, we'll need to figure out how addresses are passed.

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