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Mint retrospective POAP by submitting an event-related email


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

This projects enables you to mint a POAP retrospectively by submitting your email data. When taking part in events organized by ETHGlobal or hosted on Luma, you get a thank you email. You can submit this email on zkPOAP, this email is verified and if it matches a proof is generated and you're awarded a POAP.

How it's Made

This project uses Circom 2 for creating the ZK circuit by forking zk-regex from zk-email. This circuit verifies a regex from Luma email, that says "Thanks for joining" + event name. This way we can verify the name of the event. We are using DKIM signature circuit from zk-email. Verifier is made in Solidity. So far only a basic PoC of a circuit + UI has been achieved. For future purposes we are planning to use Gnosis Chain for minting POAPs after we finish the whole flow.

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