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Revolutionizing Code Verification and Work Trust in Development


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: Traditional freelancing platforms can leave clients apprehensive about making upfront payments, fearing that the work delivered may not meet their expectations. Conversely, freelancers may have concerns about clients not fulfilling their payment commitments.

HOW WE SOLVE THIS: ZKode utilizes non-interactive Zero-Knowledge (ZK) mechanisms for work verification. Payments are only released when the work is rigorously and transparently verified. This approach provides a high level of trust and security for both clients and freelancers, ensuring that payments are made only for satisfactory work.

How it's Made

Trustless Work Verification:

ZKode uses non-interactive Zero-Knowledge mechanisms to dynamically test and verify a developer's work. This means that payments are only released when the work is successfully completed, providing a high level of trust and security for both clients and freelancers.

The ZK circuit: The developer once accepted for a project can work for it, and once he has written the code, he can test the specifications against the requirements specified by the client. He submits his code to our editor and we send this code to a smart contract which further sends it for off-chain computation where there are several nodes involved in solving the particular input, and then through consensus, the next output is taken and compared to the requirement of client. The client can keep requesting and checking if the code is as required or not. Once all proofs are verified by our mechanism the funds are disbursed.

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