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🚀 ZKnoid revolutionizes onchain gaming: slash costs and fortify privacy. Share only a ZKproof of game completion, reducing gas fees, protecting from cheaters and bots. Keep your strategies private, safeguarding your unique gameplay(especialy usefull for speedrunners).


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


Mina Protocol - zkApps built on Mina Protocol or Protokit 2nd Place

Project Description

ZKnoid is a arcanoid game builded with Zero Knowladge proofs. Play a game, generate inputs for the ZK Circuit, where every step is reproduced inside circuit to confirm your results. With this, craft a Zero-Knowledge proof for your game and submit it to the smart contract, securing your place on the leaderboard. Your strategic inputs remain confidential, shielding your walkthrough from imitation. Also only proof is published, so you don't need to be a millionaire to experience onchain gaiming. 🎮🔒

How it's Made

For Backend this project uses Mina Protocol and Protokit(@proto-kit/starter-kit). It allows to write smartcontracts with ZK using TypeScripts. And deploy them on app specific blockchain, that provides low fees and low latency. Frontend is written in Next.js with Mina smartcontracts integration.

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