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zkHub is a privacy focused social NFT community app. Thanks to zkHub, owners can see all essential information about their NFT collections in one platform while retaining their privacies.


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


Innovation Pool Prize


Deploy on Scroll


Best network state goods using Waku


2nd Place

Project Description

In the realm of web3, fostering uninterrupted dialogue among users poses a significant challenge. However, zkHub diverges from conventional approaches by addressing this issue from a unique angle. By leveraging zk-SNARK technology, zkHub facilitates a groundbreaking solution wherein users retain complete control over their assets, notably NFTs, while engaging in seamless, uninterrupted, and anonymous interactions with fellow NFT owners. This innovative platform redefines the landscape by ensuring privacy, security, and uninterrupted communication, heralding a new era of interconnectedness within the web3 ecosystem.

How it's Made

We have used @Waku technologies, which provide peer-to-peer messaging protocol. Thanks to that, we developed a decentralized forum for NFT collections. We have used the Semaphore protocol to ensure only the NFT owners post in the related forum. After users lock their NFTs into the zkHub contract, they can start posting in that NFT collection's forum. Locking is required for the group membership proof of Semaphore protocol. It ensure that users still have NFTs. To use zero-knowledge proof more efficiently, we have deployed zkHub to the @Scroll chain. Also, for the front end, we have used @WallletConnect Web3Modal v3.

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