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This project aims to provably verify assets that users claim to have without revealing their Ethereum addresses, thus enhancing privacy and security in digital asset verification.


Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Winner of


Mantle - Best NFT, Gaming or Social Project

trophy - Zero Knowledge Bounty 1st place


Base - Build an Onchain Product 3rd place

Project Description

zkFlex utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to enable the verification of asset ownership on the Ethereum blockchain without compromising the privacy of the user's wallet address. This project is designed to enhance privacy in transactions and interactions on blockchain platforms, ensuring users can verify their assets securely without exposing sensitive personal information.

How it's Made

The zkFlex project harnesses advanced cryptographic techniques, particularly zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), to ensure secure and private verification of asset ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. By leveraging ZK-SNARK technology, we craft proofs that confirm the existence and rightful ownership of assets without disclosing any specifics about the assets or their owners' identities. Our system integrates seamlessly with Ethereum through smart contracts written in Solidity, facilitating interactions with these proofs.

To streamline the generation and verification of ZKPs, we employed robust libraries like circom and snarkjs, which also help in deploying on-chain verifiers efficiently. Additionally, we have enhanced user experience by utilizing Open Graph (OG) metadata, making the sharing of zk proofs more engaging and visually appealing across social platforms.

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