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zkFICATION is an platform to Issue ZK claims to Storage Providers that can be used to prove facts about them on-chain without revealing any sensitive data


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

Know your Storage Provider (SP)

Issue claims to SPs that can be verified on-chain on the filecoin network

Parties Involved

Issuer (Trusted authority)

  • Clients trust credentials issued by the Issuer
  • Verifies info about SPs on filecoin network
  • Issues claims to SPs e.g. Geolocation claim, Reliability score, Compliance claims (GDPR, HIPAA)
  • Format of claims (claim schema) is published by Issuer on filecoin
  • How to incentivize Issuer? - TBD

Holder (SP)

  • SPs receive claims about them from Issuers
  • SPs can prove facts about them, derived from info from claims, that can be verified on-chain by any actor
  • This allows SP to prove any fact about themself to clients on-chain
  • Example: SPs could sign up for a consortium of SPs that accept SPs with certain verified facts about them

Verifier (Clients)

  • Clients looking for SPs can filter out potential SPs by requesting SPs to requesting proofs of facts about them
  • A sample proof request could be:
    • I am looking for Storage Provider with
      • Compliance claim issued by Issuer X
      • Reliability score issued by Issuer Y
      • Geolocation claim issued by Issuer X


  1. Identity creation for Issuer, SP, Verifier
  2. Claim issuance to SP
  3. Proof request on chain
  4. On-chain proof verification

How it's Made

This project uses the concepts of iden3, zero knowledge proofs to generate claims and has a rest API layer to issue claims to the Storage Providers. The verification takes place using on chain verification done by smart contracts. The frontend is built using Next JS & Typescript along with Chakra UI.

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