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A crowdfunding contract for green energy project, with zk to verify sensitive credentials of the project


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Project Description

Certainly! Here's a detailed description of your project: Project: ZK-Enabled Crowdfunding Platform for Green Energy Projects

Overview: Our project aims to create a cutting-edge crowdfunding platform specifically designed to support green energy projects while ensuring the legitimacy and privacy of the projects seeking funding. By leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) circuits, we enable a secure and transparent verification process that validates the project's regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection without revealing sensitive information. Key Features:

ZK Verification for Project Legitimacy: Our platform incorporates advanced ZK circuits to verify the legitimacy of green energy projects seeking funding. We focus on two critical metrics:

a. Regulatory Compliance Score: Description: An independent auditor assigns a score indicating the project's compliance with relevant energy regulations and standards. For example, with threshold: Projects must achieve a minimum regulatory compliance score of 85 out of 100 to be eligible for funding. Privacy Reason: The detailed audit report and specific areas of compliance often contain sensitive information about the project's internal processes and proprietary technologies. By keeping the detailed compliance score private, we protect the project's competitive edge and maintain the confidentiality of its internal operations, preventing competitors from exploiting vulnerabilities or gaining an unfair advantage.

b. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Level: Description: A score is assigned to indicate the level of protection for the project's intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, associated with its innovative technologies or designs. For example, Threshold: Projects must have an IP protection level of at least 4 out of 5 to be eligible for funding. Privacy Reason: The project's intellectual property is a valuable asset that provides a competitive advantage. Publicly disclosing the specific details of the project's IP protection measures could expose vulnerabilities and enable competitors to exploit or circumvent these protections. By keeping the IP protection level private, we safeguard the project's intellectual assets and maintain its technological edge in the market.

The ZK circuits ensure that the projects meet the required thresholds for regulatory compliance and IP protection without revealing the actual scores or sensitive details. This enables a secure and privacy-preserving verification process.

WorldID Integration for Sybil Resistance and Personhood Verification: To prevent Sybil attacks and ensure the integrity of the funding process, we integrate WorldID into our platform. WorldID is a decentralized identity solution that allows us to verify the uniqueness and personhood of the fund receivers. By requiring fund receivers to authenticate their identity through WorldID, we mitigate the risk of fraudulent or duplicate funding requests, ensuring that each project receives fair and genuine support. Gasless Transactions with Coinbase Smart Wallet: To enhance the user experience and promote widespread adoption, we integrate Coinbase Smart Wallet into our platform. This integration enables gasless transactions for users, eliminating the need for them to hold and manage gas fees. By leveraging Coinbase Smart Wallet, users can seamlessly contribute to green energy projects without the burden of gas costs, making the funding process more accessible and user-friendly.

Our innovative crowdfunding platform combines the power of ZK circuits, WorldID, and Coinbase Smart Wallet to create a secure, privacy-preserving, and user-centric ecosystem for funding green energy projects. By enabling legitimate projects to access funding while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information, we aim to accelerate the growth and adoption of sustainable energy solutions worldwide. Through our platform, green energy entrepreneurs and innovators can showcase their projects to a global audience of environmentally conscious supporters. Backers can contribute to projects with confidence, knowing that the projects have undergone rigorous verification processes and meet the required regulatory compliance and IP protection standards. By fostering a transparent and trustworthy crowdfunding environment, we strive to empower the green energy sector, drive innovation, and contribute to the global transition towards a more sustainable future. Our ZK-enabled crowdfunding platform serves as a catalyst for change, connecting visionary projects with the funding and support they need to make a lasting impact on the world.

How it's Made

Smart Contracts: We developed smart contracts using Solidity to handle crowdfunding logic and ensure the integrity of the funding process.

Build On Chain Template by Coinbase: We integrated the Build On Chain Template by Coinbase for seamless integration with Coinbase Smart Wallet, enabling Account Abstraction (AA) and gasless transactions.

ZK Circuits with Circom: We implemented ZK circuits using Circom to verify project eligibility based on regulatory compliance and IP protection scores without revealing actual values.

WorldID for Sybil Resistance: We integrated WorldID to verify the uniqueness of project recipients, preventing Sybil attacks and ensuring the integrity of the funding process.

Front-end Development: We built the user interface using Next.js, styled with Tailwind CSS, and integrated Wagmi and Viem libraries for seamless blockchain interaction.

Smart Contract Deployment: We deployed smart contracts on Base Sepolia, Mantle, and Carbona networks for accessibility and scalability.

Integrations: We integrated WorldID for secure and privacy-preserving identity verification of project recipients.

Notable Hacks: We cleverly used Circom's GreaterThan and LessThan gadgets to perform range checks on project scores without revealing actual values. By combining these technologies, we created a robust and innovative crowdfunding platform that prioritizes security, privacy, and user experience for green energy projects.

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