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ZKDP - You can join NFT holder limited events without revealing your address


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Project Description

ZKDP is a brand new NFT ticketing service with ZKP technology. You can now join any NFT holder limited real events without revealing your wallet address. In other words, anyone, including event organizers, can never identify you, or tie you to the wallet address in the real world when ticketing.The NFT ticketing system can often link an address to the holder person of that address in the real world. This makes it possible for the event operator or someone else doing the ticketing at the event to identify the person. If a criminal or someone who wants to steal your wallet private key is on the side of the event organizer, it would be very dangerous to have your wallet tied to "you in the real world". If you are identified in the real world, you will be a prime target for criminals who want to physically rob you of your assets in the real world.This is where zero-knowledge proof comes into play.

How it's Made

This project consists of three core technologies.The first is, as eveyone knows, Ethereum ERC721. I built the NFT listing apis and verify the nft ownership and check if you are eligible to participate in the NFT holder limited event.The second is ZKP. With circom, one of the most wonderful zkp programming language developed by Polygon Hermez Network Team, I designed the marke proof curcuit to anonify participants ( usually this is used for anonymous voting).The last is the hardware. In my demo, when a person was verified, the physical key is opened. We, people around "Web3", often make ourself think that web3 is for only in the internet. But technologies around the web3 can be utilized in the real world with IoT devices. Using these core technologies, I have created a proof-of-concept for NFT ticketing by ZKP. In this demo, I have omitted some steps to simplify the flow, but I believe that the combination of zero-knowledge proof, IoT technology, and blockchain technology will lead to more use of Ethereum and real-world applications of these peripheral technologies.

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