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zkDL is a proof of personhood project that leverages Zero Knowledge proofs to preserve user privacy.


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Circuit Breaker

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ETHGlobal - 🏆 Circuit Breaker Finalist

Project Description

zkDL relies on standardized digital driving licenses (mDLs) as the basis for personhood verification. This approach offers several advantages:

Privacy: By utilizing Zero Knowledge Proofs, zkDL can verify the authenticity of an mDL without revealing any personal information about the user. This means that the system can confirm someone is a unique individual without knowing who they are.

Trust: Digital driving licenses are issued by state authorities, lending a high degree of credibility and trustworthiness to the verification process.

Accessibility: Since the system is based on a widely recognized and increasingly available form of ID, it ensures broad accessibility and inclusivity.

Free to Use: Leveraging state-issued IDs means the system can be provided free of charge to users.

How it's Made

The backbone of the zkDL verification process is a Zero Knowledge circuit, written in Noir, and verified using Sindri. This circuit can take the digitally signed data from an mDL, verify its authenticity, and produce a nullifier that the smart contract uses to issue the NFT.

These NFTs can be minted by anyone holding a valid ZK proof signed by a trusted issuer. This mechanism allows for the creation of a digital token that represents a verified, unique individual without compromising their privacy.

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