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Own and evolve unique AI-powered fighters in a revolutionary game with dynamic NFTs


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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zkCraft lets you own one-of-a-kind fighters with special skills. These fighters grow and change as you play, creating a truly personal gaming experience!

The gameplay revolves around battles between these NPCs where players can strategically bet their tokens against each other in a digital arena. The algorithm for computing the outcome of the battle is off chain and can be verified using a zk-proof. Victory in battles rewards players with the ability for their NPCs to level up, which enhances the existing attributes of Health, Attack, Speed and Armour. A natural extension is to also enable unlocking of new abilities and combos for their NFTs to play. As NFTs level up, they become stronger and more versatile. This progression system adds depth and longevity to the gameplay, motivating players to strategize, adapt, and continuously improve their NFTs to dominate the gaming landscape.

zkCraft game uses Filecoin, Arbitrum, Risc-0 and NeonEVM to make your fighters truly yours. Each fighter has its own inventory to store powerful items (urepresented by Dynamic NFTs!), and you can even bet on their victories before battles! Plus, s your fighters level up, they not only get stronger but also get a cooler look to match their newfound power!

How it's Made

The application uses ReactJS frontend with Rust, NodeJS, Smart Contracts(Solidity, Stylus) and python backend. The contracts for dynamic tokenbound NFTs are ercc6551. We've deployed on Arbitrum, NeonEVM, Filecoin Virtual Machine, and Risc-0 zkVM. zkCraft showcases the ability to offload onchain computation and still maintains trustless ethos of the blockchain by using risc-o zkVM

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