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ZK open banking

A fully private open banking protocol powered by aztec network

ZK open banking

Created At

Circuit Breaker

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ETHGlobal - 🏆 Circuit Breaker Finalist

Project Description

Open banking is cool, it helps you share data to get better deals with other financial institutions, but ypur banking data is really important and should be privated, that is why zkp is really important here. So we want to keep ypu rpivacy safe using ZKPs in pur project. We connect with open banking providers to get the data and aztec to sotre them private

How it's Made

By using aztec network you can handle your data in a private mode and share only some validations to some other protocols only when it is needed. we connect to an open banking provider, then we use the aztec network tech to store thr data ina prvate way, in the future we will create our own open banking connection

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