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A version of Conway's Game of Life using zkGraph to prove off-chain computation through a zkOracle network


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

Conway's game of life is a cellular automaton known for its beautiful and unpredictable behavior. This is a two-player version of that game, in which players can submit their initial configurations of cells to the board. The computation is run off-chain using Hyper Oracle's zkGraph, which allows developers to write logic in ordinary AssemblyScript code that then gets compiled to a circuit via zkWasm, and send the proof to a zkOracle network. The zkOracle network then publishes a proof that the computation was done correctly; in this case, the proof attests to the fact that the game state was updated correctly, and the correct winner was chosen.

How it's Made

This project is made using HyperOracle's zkGraph. zkGraphs offer a way for developers to write verifiable code, using zkWasm to compile AssemblyScript code to a circuit. Since updating the state of the game board requires a good amount of computation which involves counting neighbors (easy to do in regular code, but hard to do in a circuit), it seemed like the perfect project to showcase the potential of zkGraph.

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