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An NFT collection deployed to polygon Network, frontend available to mint and view NFT stats


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Project Description

This project is an NFT collection, computer generated and deployed to polygon network. The NFT can be minted on the client here, it was a three step process, from generating and hosting to ipfs, deploying smart contract and also creating the frontend

How it's Made

The NFT's were designed using, various layers were made then an NFT engine was used to make 500 unique NFT's, a Moralis template was used for this, which utilizes canvas and hosts to IPFS. After that an NFT smart contract was created, compiled, and deployed using hardhat and solidity, it was an ERC-721 token that was imported using openzeppelin, the contract was deployed to Mumbai polygon test net, alchemy was integrated so events can be broadcasted.

The frontend was built with React, framer-motion, and other libraries, the NFT collection details were retrieved using covalent API, the frontend was finally deployed to Netlify.

Here are the various links to the repositories;

For the NFT generator

For the NFT contract

For the NFT collection frontend

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