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Buzzfeed meets self-awareness in this social interaction that is meant to evoke authenticity online


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Project Description

Farcaster is special because the original builder community there was super supporting of each other. We want to keep that spirit in the community, thus we built ZenDad. So much of social media about shilling and promotion; instead we focus on getting user to authentically identify how they are feeling in the current moment. We want to make that feeling shareable so the farcaster community can continue to encourage those that are up and lift up those that are down.

How it's Made

We used FramesJS to create a frames application. The app relies on displaying random words to the user for them to choose from (we ran into issues with a database of 5000 words), we hard coded those values. Then once the user has selected 4 words, they select a tone of response. We then pass the templatized prompt to an LLM for a response to display to the user.

Example: based on the following four words tell me how i'm feeling: “audacious“ “smoldering” “perfect” “humble”. Respond in the style of professor dumbledore. limit responses to 250 characters and three sentences

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