Permissionless funding for early-stage projects based on NFT credentials


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

The ZappierFi allows the hackathon participants to receive grants from DAOs using the NFT credentials they earned during the hackathon. The idea uses two concepts: funds and triggers. The fund can set up funding events based on NFT credentials metadata. For example, the ETHGlobal hackathon can issue the NFT credentials which highlight the skills of the hackathon participants.

How it's Made

We have two contracts:

  1. The first one is NFTFactory which is an ERC721 contract. Here the credential issuer identifies a developer who has participated in any of the hackathons and provided an essential contribution and issues an NFT with the metadata. The image and description are stored in IPFS.

  2. The second one is Fund Contract, it serves two purposes, one is where the credential issuer and investors who are interested, can deposit ETH to the existing fund

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