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Za Waarudo

Trustless subdomain using Worldcoin on Optimism network implementing EIP-3668

Za Waarudo

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Project Description

We now have access to the capability of running subdomain resolvers both on L2's and off-chain thanks to the emergence of EIP-3668, often known as the Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol, or CCIP for short. The Worldcoin protocol and customised smart contracts on Optimism are used by this project to securely issue subdomains while taking use of the Optimism network's cheaper gas costs.

How it's Made

For subdomain resolution managed by an OP smart-contract, the project uses the Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), also known as EIP-3668

In order to provide individuals a subdomain, this smart-contract leverages the Worldcoin Proof of Personhood Protocol to confirm that they are distinct from other users.

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