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Yoki subscriptions

Frame for crypto-native subscriptions to creators/influencers in Farcaster feed

Yoki subscriptions

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Project Description

Creator economy is developing enormously. I am working at and we developing a crypto-native subscription payments gateway allowing users subscribe for different merchants and services non-custodially. I implemented a Farcaster frame that will allow any creator on Farcaster to be able to publish this frame so that other users can support her/him by "subscribing", i.e. paying some amount of USDC every month. Potentially, such supporters can have additional perks for doing so. So it is like Patreon, but on Farcaster and crypto native!

How it's Made

This project uses Pinata tutorial boilerplate Tech is: Pinata, Frog, viem, next.js.

In order to "subscribe", so that the platform will deduct 0.001 USDC on Base every month, user does this:

  1. Tops up his/her wallet with at least 0.001 USDC on Base.
  2. Opens in Warpcast frame validator (
  3. The frame asks for wallet address (just copy and paste yours)
  4. Then frame asks for approval for at least 0.001 USDC for smart contract (spender). In the demo approval is already given.
  5. Frame checks USDC balance. If not enough, it asks to top up the wallet (see demo video).
  6. When approval and balance are fine, frame asks to subscribe (subscribe function call on 0x553575cb32Db57A0b3637f6bb8197333a9365145 contract).
  7. After user is subscribed, he/she can unsubscribe.
  8. Yoki infrastructure deducts 0.001 USDC every month (implemented, but out of scope of this hackathon).
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