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Yield strategies vault of gho overcolateralized stablecoin to produce up to three different yield revenues from the same supplied investment..


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Project Description

USDC and USDT stablecoins projects work by receiving fiat and issuing an equivalent in tokens, they us this fiat collateral to generate revenue by buying US treasury bonus and generate even millions, but they dont share it with the web3 users that hold the stableCoin. This platform offer 3 different yield from the collateral that is used to issue the gho stableCoin with a ratio of 1 GHO : 1.5 usd value. The fist type of yield is by using the collateral to supply to the aave protocol, so theyre already gaining by holding the gho stableCoin, the second one is by lending their borrwing power with an offChain legalAgreement and get a fee for lending it, the last one is two options: they can leave the Gho stableCoing on the vault and gain another fee for providing liquidity for flashloans or can decide to use it on any other protocol not just on the same chain, but on any crossChain defi protocol thanks to chainlinks CCIP.

How it's Made

We used Aave's pools to supply WETH and generate yield from it and Aave's credit delegation to allow investors to make off-chain legal agreements to also gain yield from their borrowing power. A vault is used to design strategies and serves as a facilitator to manage the issuance of GHO, calculating the correct peg and its ratio. Account abstraction is employed to create a mailWallet to onboard Web2 investors, and CCIP's cross-chain infrastructure enables people to invest in other chains' DeFi protocols with the GHO stablecoin.

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