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Yieldgate is a tool to receive donations, or to support projects and creators, with yield. No NFTs or tokens, just good old MATIC! Built with ❤️ on top of Aave, Polygon, Coinbase, and WalletConnect


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🏆 ETHAmsterdam Finalist


🥈 Coinbase Wallet — Best Use


🥉 Polygon — Best Use


🏊‍♂️ WalletConnect — Pool Prize


🥇 AAVE Grants DAO — Best Use

Project Description

Yieldgate makes it easy for anyone to stake their MATIC and start donating to their favorite creators and projects with yield. This way you help your favorite projects or creators at no cost. You can also claim back your stake at any time. While it’s staked, your stake generates yield that can only be claimed by the designated creator or project.

Our demo use-case, which is live on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, enables anyone to set up a profile page and start accepting donations in yield through Aave. If no stake in a creator or project has been made, their content will remain gated. Only if you stake MATIC and hence give prospect for yield, the content will be unlocked. Think of it as a “buy me a coffee page”, yet your coffee is paid with yield! Go ahead and try it out here:

  1. Sign in with your wallet

  2. Edit your profile and make your first post

  3. Share your Yieldgate profile on your socials to start receiving donations from your supporters in yield

  4. Explore other Yieldgate profiles and start showing your love with yield!

In the future, we want to expand the functionality of Yieldgate by allowing creators to pick the Aave pool/vault, expand to other yield-generating protocols (e.g., Lido, Yearn, ...), customize the staking parameters (e.g. expand to different tokens), as well as the assets from which yield can be generated. We envision that Yieldgate can further be used as a complementary funding tool across different use-cases all the while increasing the security of the DeFi ecosystem - e.g.:

  • Events (e.g. ETH Global at 1100 participants could have generated yield from a 66k treasury)

  • Public goods funding

  • Creator funding / tipping (e.g. twitter, twitch, youtube, etc.)

  • Security research funding

  • Perpetual funding pools (e.g. security bounties, etc.)

  • Yield funded DAOs

  • Classic content or access gating (e.g. discord, telegram, etc.)

Ultimately, we want to build an SDK allowing any other platform to easily integrate Yieldgate in their use case.

How it's Made

Yieldgate runs on the Polygon Mumbai testnet and uses its Aave deployment to generate MATIC yield. The smart contract is written in Solidity, leveraging the Hardhat framework. The contract calls the Aave v3 Pool contract via the WETHGateway, effectively creating wMATIC. Some information is also read from the aWMATIC Aave token contract.

The YieldGate contract leverages the EIP 1167 proxy contract mechanism to deploy lightweight clones for each creator yield pool. To the Aave pools, the yield pool is just one normal liquidity supplier. Each yield pool does local accounting about the individual stake supporters.

The frontend is built using React/Next.js and the wagm hooks library (ethers.js). Design mockups were created with Balsamiq and implemented with the help of the Chakra UI component library. The post content and metadata are stored in a MongoDB Atlas instance with a serverless architecture using Vercel API-routes.

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