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Yield Farming Dashboard for DeFi Degens to tract their earnings.


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Project Description

The goal of Yieldboard is to give an overview of earnings in DeFi positions at a glance. Lots of DeFi Dashboards only focuses on the current value of what you have, none are giving you exactly what are you currently EARNING. Liquidity Providers often added liquidity in multiple pools with different APY and capital. Yieldboard gives the weighed mean of the current liquidity in pools and what you'll earn in the year. Currently, it only supports Quickswap pools on Polygon.

How it's Made

I didn't find a team by Friday so Saturday I decided to make it alone. I started by identifying what I wanted to solve for the Hackathon, then started I've focused first on the Design with Figma. Last but not the least, Coding. Yieldboard was made with React through Nextjs and Redux for the store management. Moralis was used as a way to authenticate the user and retrieve his address to get his Quickswap pools balance on Polygon. I used Zapper's API to retrieve Quickswap pools information. Tailwind was used for everything related to CSS and frontend styling. The project was deployed through Vercel. I'm happy of what I've done in 2 days.

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