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Yield for Good

A Philanthropic Yield Farming Platform that allows users to turn their crypto farming rewards into donations for good causes.

Yield for Good

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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Project Description

Self-Funding Donations

Yield for Good is a revolutionary blockchain project aimed at harnessing the power of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to make a real-world impact on charitable causes. In the world of DeFi, users are constantly seeking ways to generate passive income by staking their assets, like ETH, USDC, or other yield-bearing tokens. Our innovative platform allows users to turn their crypto earnings into a force for good and receive contribution certificates in the form of soulbound NFTs.

How it's Made

Technical Characteristics

  • Fully-decentralized dApp built in Solidity

  • Compliant and easy to connect with any ERC-4626 Tokenized Vault

  • Deployed on 8 Blockchain Networks

  • On-chain soulbound ERC-5129 NFTs issued as contribution certificates

  • NextJS and ConnectKit used for the web client

Key Features

  • Yield Staking: Users can stake their yield-bearing tokens, such as ETH or USDC, into our smart contracts. These funds are then used for yield farming, generating additional income.

  • Couse Selection: The beauty of Yield for Good is that users have the power to direct the generated yield towards their chosen caouse or charity program.

  • Risk-Free Giving: Users are not risking their initial capital; they're contributing only the generated yield to charitable causes. This approach enables users to be philanthropic without any financial downside.

  • NFT Contribution Certificates: When a user decides to stake their contribution, they receive a unique NFT certificate. This certificate acts as a digital badge of honor, representing their act of philanthropy.

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