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Yield-bearing Wallet

Interest-bearing wallet infrastructure. Enables Native Yield wherever smart accounts exist, including EVM, Cosmos, and Solana.

Yield-bearing Wallet

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Dynamic - $100 and 3 months advanced plan

Project Description

By holding ETH and stablecoins, users lose money to a form of inflation and yield opportunity.

The interest-bearing wallet functions as a yield aggregator integrated into the wallet and securely automated as a plugin to a smart account.

It enables a new monetization opportunity for Apps built on top of Farcaster. e.g. 5% from all app users TVL.

The frame shows how much an address would have earned if it had activated an interest-bearing wallet. It tracks the history of the address's balances and transactions and simulates an interest-bearing wallet.

How it's Made

When the user is not using funds, they are automatically deposited into the most trusted yield protocols. When a user wants to use funds, they are seamlessly withdrawn in the exact amount needed for their operation.

We used plain Next.js to build the frame and a web server to render the necessary objects. We followed the standard React development style and utilized @vercel/og to generate images for the frame.

Additionally, we developed a custom finite machine to iterate over states and make the frame stateful for gaming purposes.

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