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A decentralized online payrolling platform for seamless processing of payments for people connected to centralized and decentralized organizations.


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Project Description

The distribution of value has a lot of costs by implementing blockchain technology costs can be reduced and new innovative ways of distributing value can be invented. Not only the distribution but also the stable storage of value for corporations and individuals can be significantly improved.

As an Employer of any form of organization that trades human time for value, I want to do this in the most effective way possible. At this moment my working capital is mostly stuck in weird currencies around the world which I do not want to have exposure to and so do my workers not want exposure to them as well. I need a way to build payment streams for my workers so I can pay them in an efficient manner. Also, my working capital stuck in a legacy FIAT system just sleeping is not the most efficient use of my value I want to store my value in Blockchain so I can seamlessly deploy this in any way that I deem possible.

I want to solve this problem for my own organization and have other organizations already interested as well YetiRoll solves this. Please check my video demo where I go more in-depth on all the potential

We need to coordinate against Moloch! Let’s increase human coordination together.

Please check my slides and demo :)

How it's Made

We have used 1inch API and ETH.

Also, we looked into some streamer contracts.

In my slide deck that can be found here:

I give a more in-depth technical explanation

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