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A modern Account Abstraction based wallet targeting people who are new to Web3, it ABSTRACTS EVERYTHING. You don't need to be concerned of the chain or token for completing any transaction. You should only be concerned with your money!


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ETHGlobal Paris

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Project Description

This project is built taking into consideration the major chunk of the population not familiar with the web3 space. Us "veterans" can navigate our way through the wonders and opportunities of decentralisation and security, but this becomes a humongous task for someone who hasn't dipped their feet in this space. All the jargon such as chain, token, gas fee is surely difficult to understand for novice and is also one of the major reasons of people distancing themselves from web3. We believe ABSTRACTION is the way forward. Why does one need to know all these things if they just want to pay, let's suppose, some ETH to buy something online. With blockchain booming, we can see a lot of marketplaces adopting crytocurrency as a means of payment. Our wallet is just the perfect match for this need. Well, you might think, oh sure, another wallet, to that I'd like to say, yes, but a "Web2" one. The onboarding is as simple as signing with your Google account and you'll have a web3 wallet attached to it, you can send your "USDC" to one another with simple scan and pay. You can connect to any dapp or web3 website that supports WalletConnect. We even took into consideration the new generation of high tech minds. We have added a parental control feature which allows a parent to see all the transactions that their child is making via Safe Global through multisig transactions. All transactions that you are making is also getting "PUSH" to your push app for you to keep a track of. You can send cryptocurrency to any wallet on any chain with any token.

How it's Made

This project is based upon the ERC4337 Account Abstraction stack. We aim at abstracting the chain and wallet away from the user and give him a web2 like experience. Our primary assets are stored on Polygon in USDC, which is the only token which the smart account holds, all other transactions are funded by the paymaster and relayed by the bundler onto the chain. It also supports sending tokens to same as well as different leveraging Hyperlanes cross chain messaging, all of this GASSLESS!!. We have used bundlers and paymasters provided by Stackup along with Kernel wallets and UserOp.js

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