xWin Investment

xWin provide the platform fund management, social trading and other protocol interaction. It also automatically distributes the fund unit as ERC20 token to investors for any subscription.

xWin Investment

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Project Description

xWin is the one-stop token fund management platform built with blockchain technology in Ethereum platform. It connects the best fund manager and trader to the investors around the world.

Fund manager use xWin as:

  1. Platform for fund management at decentralized environment
  2. Connect to investors around the world

Investors use xWin as:

  1. Access to the world best fund strategies provided by experts without a fear of counterparty risk
  2. Easy-To-Use platform to swap a basket tokens in single click
  3. A standard source of information about the decentralized funds.

xWin allow fund manager to create own fund in the platform. Investor can subscribe to the fund they prefer to enjoy the returns of someone expertise in trading or wealth management skill. The platform supports primary market creation and redemption by utilizing the token distribution. All funds in the platform automatically distributes the fund unit as token to investors real-time.

xWin will provide best execution trading services for the fund management. It also provides the alpha strategies such as connecting existing lending pool such as AAVE or Compound finance as well as liquidity pool, arbitrage, active trading and to the fund as part of the alpha service to the fund manager.

How it's Made

There are mainly 2 parts. Investment protocol in smart contract to be written in solidity and the front end in React JS and Firebase firestore.

Core protocol provide interface to interact with front end such as subscription, redemption, create / update target and rebalance. Security wise, core protocol always control the ownership of the fund.

Fund protocol serves as storing the balance for the fund. The protocol can only be called by core contract. Issuing or redeeming token only can be done with the authorized core contract. It also automatically allocate 50% (as parameter) of the token balance into AAVE protocol and withdraw if the lending APR is fall under expectation.

There are some criteria put in place to control for each subscription and redemption to avoid excessive network gas fee.

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