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X-Safe streamlines Gnosis Safe multi-sigs for cross-chain use. Sign once, and the signature auto-propagates to all linked chains. Execute single transactions across multiple networks. Save time, cut overhead, and keep strong security.


Created At

ETHGlobal New York

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šŸ„‰ Safe ā€” Best Use of Safe{Core}


šŸ† ETHGlobal New York 2023 Finalist

Project Description

X-Safe: Cross-Chain Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig Optimization

Overview: X-Safe is a solution designed to optimize the Gnosis Safe multi-signature (multi-sig) framework for multi-chain transactions. The core objective is to reduce the time and complexity involved in performing identical administrative functions on multiple blockchain networks. Through X-Safe, users can propagate a single signature and a single transaction across multiple chains, thereby reducing overhead and expediting workflows.

Technical Features:

  1. Gnosis Safe Integration: X-Safe is built on top of the Gnosis Safe multi-sig framework, ensuring that it inherits the robust security measures and features of Gnosis Safe while adding simplified multi-chain capabilities.
  2. Single Signature Propagation: Traditional multi-sig operations require users to sign each transaction on every blockchain network individually. X-Safe streamlines this by enabling a single signature to be auto-propagated to all integrated blockchains.
  3. Single Transaction Broadcast: Similar to signature propagation, X-Safe allows for a single transaction to be broadcast across multiple blockchains. This is particularly useful for executing identical smart contract methods or administrative functions across different networks.
  4. Chain Agnostic: X-Safe is designed to be blockchain-agnostic, meaning it can be integrated with any blockchain that is supported by Gnosis Safe.


  1. Initialization: Users integrates X-Safe as a custom module through the Gnosis Safe UI (one-time setup).
  2. Transaction Creation: A user or admin creates a transaction that needs to be executed across multiple chains.
  3. Signature Generation: The user signs the transaction using their private key through the X-Safe interface.
  4. Signature Propagation: X-Safe propagates the generated signature to the corresponding Gnosis Safe contracts on all integrated blockchains.
  5. Transaction Execution: Once the required number of signatures is collected, X-Safe triggers the transaction execution on all chains simultaneously or sequentially based on user settings.

Use Cases: ā€¢ Deploying identical smart contracts across multiple blockchains. ā€¢ Updating governance parameters on DAOs that exist on multiple chains. ā€¢ Cross-chain asset management for diversified portfolios.

Benefits: ā€¢ Efficiency: Drastically reduces the time needed to perform multi-chain operations. ā€¢ Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces transaction costs by eliminating the need for multiple signatures and transactions. ā€¢ Security: Leverages the robust security features of Gnosis Safe, while adding cross-chain functionality.

By implementing X-Safe, developers can significantly streamline their cross-chain operations, making the system more efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

How it's Made

X-Safe: Technical Architecture for Enhanced Multi-Sig Functionality in Gnosis Safe Core Logic and Mechanics

God Contract: This is a custom Solidity contract module that interfaces with existing Gnosis Safe contracts. It alters the default Gnosis Safe logic in the following ways:

ChainID Removal: The contract omits the chainID from the signature payload, making the same signature valid across multiple blockchains.

Nonce Synchronization: A specialized mechanism within the contract synchronizes the nonces for each chain's corresponding Gnosis Safe contract, enabling a single signature to be used across multiple chains without nonce conflict.

Backend Logic: The backend is Python-based and designed to interact with the God Contract using

Signature and Transaction Propagation: Upon capturing specific events emitted by the God Contract, the backend logic propagates them to the corresponding Gnosis Safe contracts on all other integrated blockchains.

Key Features: Signature Condensation: By eliminating chain-specific elements like chainID and by synchronizing nonces, the system condenses multiple signatures into a single one, thus reducing both complexity and time.

Transaction Condensation: The architecture allows for gas costs across multiple chains to be consolidated and paid on a primary chain. This reduces user interactions from multiple confirmations to a single click.

By closely aligning with Gnosis Safe's existing structure while introducing specific enhancements like chainID removal and nonce synchronization, X-Safe offers a streamlined approach to multi-sig operations across multiple blockchains.

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