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xPrompt NFT

Experience the future of AI-generated art with OpenAI, Stable Diffusion. Simply prompt the AI to generate unique images, and seamlessly mint them as NFTs in your browser

xPrompt NFT

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Scaling Ethereum 2023

Project Description

The problem XPromptNft solves An interesting application of AI and crypto is using AI models like OpenAI ,DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion to generate images for users, which can then be minted as NFTs. This allows for the creation of collections that are entirely AI-generated.

Our platform offers two exciting features for NFT enthusiasts. Firstly, you can generate an image with Stable Diffusion and mint it into an existing NFT collection. Secondly, you can create a brand-new collection and generate images to mint unique NFTs within it. Stay tuned for more updates on our innovative platform.

Our project is a dynamic combination of on-chain code, client code, and a powerful Python API. The client sends a prompt request to the API, which responds with a generated image. The image is then uploaded to IPFS from the client and minted on the blockchain by calling the NFT contract. Our innovative platform offers a seamless, end-to-end solution for generating, uploading, and minting unique AI-generated NFTs.

How it's Made

Although we wanted to support DALL-E 2, unfortunately, it is not currently open source and OpenAI has not yet released an API for it. While we explored potential workarounds, we ultimately decided to prioritize our commitment to complying with all relevant terms of service. Instead, we doubled down on Stable Diffusion, which is entirely open source, to provide our users with the best experience possible.

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