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A Liquidity Token and Protocol that allows investment into crypto without worrying about volatility and arbitrage.


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Project Description

Users can put assets in vaults. The assets in these vaults can be used for liquidity protocol to conduct its own flash loans (instead of relying on Aave and paying their fee). Users get yield from a portion of the profits from the arbitrage, so everyone wins.

Its an Arbitrage contract that trades USDC, BTC, TRB, and Eth. Trades will be made from one exchange to another based on price drops of current holdings. For example, if an investment is in BTC and there is a price drop within an hour, it will transfer to Eth, then TRB. This should create more liquidity and eliminate arbitrage.

How it's Made

Using the Tellor Oracle, we wanted to ensure accuracy of the prices of this arbitrage/trade smart contract. Keep Network's TBTC and USDC were used to get bitcoin exposure to the exchanges. The exchanges we were trying to use where Uniswap and 1inch.

xLiquidity Team- Lamont Veal, Peter Duhon, Saad Zaman, Martin Sterlicchi, Francesco Melpignano

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