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The Cross Chain NFT Cat Feeding Game lets users care for their NFT cats across different blockchain habitats. They can send food tokens to nourish their cats, enhancing their well-being and creating an engaging experience for collectors.


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Project Description

The Cross Chain NFT Cat Feeding Game is an innovative blockchain-based project that allows users to interact with their unique ERC-721 NFT cats residing on various chains, referred to as "Habitats." The primary objective of this project is to enable users to send food tokens from one habitat to another, thereby providing sustenance to their NFT cats. The project leverages Connext for facilitating cross-chain communication and token transfers and integrates the Connect SDK for implementing Account Abstraction.

How it's Made

The Cross Chain NFT Cat Feeding Game uses Connext to help different blockchains communicate and move tokens. It also incorporates the Connect SDK to simplify account management across these blockchains. NFT cats in the game are created using ERC-721 contracts, each with its unique traits. Food items are represented as ERC-20 tokens, making them easy to send and use to feed the cats across various blockchain habitats.

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