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This initiative enhances online communication by offering embeddable comment and live chat frames, using blockchain for uncensored, aggregated discussions. It streamlines app development and enriches user interaction with customizable features, addressing scalability.

Worldwide Hub

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The birth of philosophy in Ancient Greece established an environment of critique, while the rise of science in the West dates back to the Renaissance. This is because for cumulative progress to occur, it's necessary for people to share their ideas with large audiences without censorship and for opposing ideas to clash with each other. However, factors such as population growth, the expansion of the information pool, and globalization pose obstacles to this development. Communication, a cornerstone of development, faces scaling issues. One of the most current solutions to the scaling problems in communication is the invention of the internet. Although the internet does not solve the communication problem by itself, it is an extraordinary tool for us developers, and utilizing this tool efficiently is our responsibility. We aimed to fulfill this responsibility at this hackathon. What We Aimed For? To improve the communication experience in the virtual world, developers have developed different methods: • Comment sections on social media applications have become debate halls for us to express our thoughts on any content. • User experiences shared on e-commerce sites about products have made competition in the market more efficient. • Applications containing live chat have enabled online users to discuss specific topics in real time. In this project, we aimed to improve these methods from both the developer and end-user perspectives:

• We provided ready-made frames to make it easier for developers to implement these methods and make the development process more efficient. • We offered end-users a more free, uncensored discussion experience. • We gathered ideas presented in different environments on a single topic under one title. • We removed end-user comments from the control of a central admin. How it Works? • Our application consists of two different parts: the main site and frames. We provide developers with 2 different frames that they can use as embeds in their applications through the API keys they receive: the comment section frame and the live chat frame. For example, consider a video sharing site connected with a web3 wallet. During the development process of this site, a comment section for each video and a live chat part for live broadcasts are needed. We offer developers ready-made frames for these parts. By using the ready frame on their site, developers not only gain speed in the development process but also offer the additional benefits of our application to their end users. • When creating the comment section frame, a header is determined by the developer. For instance, if we consider our previous example, the video name could directly be assigned to the header. Then, every user connected with their wallet can make their comment under this title. Our frame keeps this comment under the title in our database along with the wallet address already connected to the parent application. Keeping the title and comment in our database eliminates the risk of the user's comment being censored and makes the user more free. Moreover, all comments created in this frame will also be visible on the main site. • The ability to see the writings in different application frames on the main site and their storage in our database offers end-users the opportunity to see discussions on a topic in different applications in one place. For example, we can think of comments on an e-commerce site. The same product can be sold on multiple e-commerce sites, and the user may want to see all these sites evaluations. In this case, seeing comments on the same product under the same title on the main site allows the user to access information on all sites at once. • Besides the topics created by frames on the main site, topics can also be created and discussion environments can be formed. Each topic has a comment section and a live chat. Essentially, the comment section frame and live chat frame are about embedding certain parts of the main site into other applications. Future Plans

• The database will be kept on the blockchain, thus the immutable nature of the blockchain will guarantee users an uncensored experience. • Customization of the appearance of our frames in other applications will be enabled. • An SDK will be prepared to add extra features to our frames. For example, a developer could add a donate button to the comment section in their application.

How it's Made

First, we give specific quests to each hacker in our team. One of us worked on typescript, one of us worked on frame.js, one of us worked on tailwind, one of us worked on the design and last but not least one of us worked on the research. We used next.js, typescript and tailwind to build this website but we had problems with frame.js. We would like to use xmtp group chat but we couldn't integrate it so instead of that we put a normal chat box into our project for now but we will update it as soon as possible.

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