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Create free fundraiser pages powered by smart contracts, with assets and resources managed on IPFS.


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ETHNewYork 2022

Winner of


6️⃣ XMTP — XMTP Shout Out


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🥈 Covalent — Best Use


🏊‍♂️ Worldcoin — Pool Prize

Project Description

There's a lot of platforms that already exist to do fundraising (as well as potentially decentralized fundraising).

However, these often:

  1. Charge credit card fees for every credit-card driven payment or donation
  2. Don't support anonymous donations without user accounts.
  3. Don't support crypto-based payments.
  4. Create general-purpose urls that are shareable anywhere without needing a user account.
  5. Perform human-validation to avoid robot-generated fundraise links and potentially duplicate fundraisers.
  6. Charge for active use and hosting.

Worldfund is a platform for anyone to create an open fundraise page for anything that drives them. View github here for full info:

How it's Made

  • Worldfund enables anyone to create and collect funds via Polygon without a vendor agreement. A polygon smart contract is deployed for each request.
  • When a donation is completed, an NFT is generated that links both the signer's signature and the documents being agreed on.
  • Hosted documents and the request are immutable.
  • If there's not a valid worldcoin proof on the contract, the donate function is blocked / prevented when attempted.
  • Smart contract deployed on Polygon which marks the progress/fulfillment of the fundraise request.
  • When done the contract can be marked inactive by the owner - preventing future donations from being accepted on the contract.
  • View history of requests and completed fundraises using the covalent chain history API directly from the app.
  • Fundraise links could be posted anywhere including social media profiles.
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