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Best way to collaborate and work for an organisation/DAO. Built on top Push, Huddle01, Lighthouse and Polybase.


Created At

HackFS 2023

Project Description

The current web3 DAOs and businesses must rely on web2 solutions for collaborative work to be successful. Google Workspace will be mentioned. However, Web3 infrastructure and tooling have made significant advancements and are outpacing their Web2 competitors in almost every regard. However, there is a platform that combines all of these solutions to offer a solitary location to use them in a way that is both compatible and comprehensible. The same services are sought after by Workspace3.0. In terms of infrastructure, we have gathered some of the top web3 solutions and made them comprehensible and interoperable. To make collaboration within an organization or a DAO seamless, the goal is to offer the best productivity solutions for that organization in one location.

How it's Made

Utilizing Push Protocol, Huddle01, Lighthouse, and Polybase, Workspace3.0 is a powerful tool. Communication and a secure way to share information are the essential elements for effective collaborative work. We are utilizing two of the most well-liked communication infrastructures for communication, i. Push Protocol and Huddle01. To facilitate secure and seamless text communication within an organization, we use Group Chat and Video Chat on Push. With Huddle, it's simple for anyone to join a call and have a much more in-depth conversation that might not be possible via text. Finally, all of the work that has been posted is stored via Lighthouse and is only accessible by the organization's members. All of these details are kept in a user-focused, decentralized database, i. E. Polybase.

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