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A jargon-free, crypto cash app welcoming the next billion Web2 users of the world.


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🏆 ETHMexico Finalist


🏊‍♂️ Worldcoin — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ IPFS/Filecoin — Pool Prize


🎓 Lens Protocol — 🥈 Honors

Project Description

Woosh aims to onboard web2 users into the world of crypto by providing a user-friendly and intuitive cash app. It's simple enough for web2 users and functional enough for web3 users. Little to zero knowledge of crypto, Ethereum, or gas fees is necessary for the user to get started. We aimed to make this cash app as simple as humanly possible. Imagine Web3 + Venmo, with Woosh, you can follow your friends, request/send crypto, customize your profile and have peace of mind that every transaction you complete is with a verified human. No bots allowed!

How it's Made

Woosh is built upon the Magic Link ( wallet. This provides the user the ability to login/sign up with either their Google account or email. These login methods are familiar to most web2 users, easing the burden of obtaining an Ethereum address. To protect our users we verify they are indeed, a human. And while you can create many email accounts, you can only be verified by Worldcoin once! The user's Ethereum address is linked to the user's WorldID hash. If the hash exists in our backend, another account may not be created.

How many of us have double or triple checked an ethereum address before sending crypto? Users no longer have to face this inconvenience with Woosh. Using the LENS Protocol, users may send crypto to each other using their lens username. In addition, users may send personalized messages with the LENS protocol, and upload their profile pictures using web3 storage

Woosh keeps transaction costs to a minimum by building on the Polygon blockchain.

As a final touch to the project, we integrated AAVE v3s lending protocol to allow users to simply earn yield from their assets directly from the mobile app.

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