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WooCommerce NFT

This project is a plugin to sell and mint NFTs from WooCommerce Products, it remplaces the default WC downloads panel from where you can see and transfer your current NFTs

WooCommerce NFT

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Road to Web3

Project Description

This project is a plugin and a template that sells and mints non-fungible tokens using WordPress & WooCommerce, the NFTs are generated from the WC product downloads files, the plugins automatically mints the NFTs to the buyer address, the NFTs are minted on polygon network once the payment is captured by the store using any WC compatible method, the user gets the order details with the tx details and link to the polygon scan.

This plugin changes 3 main things:

  1. it allows you to sell the traditional WooCommerce downloads product as NFTs, keeping all compatibility with WC 3rd party plugin
  2. it adds a new NFTs tab on the WC user account (/my-account by default) page that remplaces the defaults downloads tab with a custom UI, this its not linked to the store database as it is traditionally, it show your current NFTs on Polygon, you can transfer NFTs directly from the UI in this page.
  3. it adds a new setting smenu to your WordPress Admin panel from where you should add your and APIs credentials

Wordpress Plugins required only WooCommerce, EthPress if you want to login with your wallet, not needed but recommended

How it's Made

I have created a custom plugin for WordPress which allows anyone to buy and mint NFTs directly from a WordPress install and pay for it using any supported gateway in WooCommerce .

This was made using and extending the WordPress & WoooCommerce Core, the theme used is the official from WooCommerce with minor style changes and an user icon added at the top to make the navigation to the user account easier.

The project idea came to my after some research about the hackathon sponsors, so I decided to build this on Polygon using the API for mint and get the NFTs data, and the APIs to connect to the user from the front end and to make the transfer of the NFTs directly from the website UI .

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