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DAO Creation, development and management platform. Build a DAO with our no code tool, develop it with our on-chain contribution tracking and governance,


Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description

A platform to bring someones project to life or contribute to them. Leveraging DAO technology we provide a no code DAO creation tool, alongside a UI/UX to view a independent DAO dashboard and users can freely apply to join or contribute tasks to DAOs. On-chaining the contribution process to provide automated rewards on approved solutions and allowing gamification and rewarding system. Overall incentivising people to get maintain activity in a DAO for income measured by an XP system or freelance solve issues for rewards, all on-chain.

In simple terms create a project, add team members, set tasks for both the team and the public to complete for rewards alongside the tooling of governance, levelling and tracking.


How it's Made

The project uses: Frontend - Next.js (React), Typescript, Wagmi, RainbowKit Backend - Alchemy, Pinata, Chainlink Technology - Base L2

We used Chainlink to on-chain GitHub contributions, tracking PR's once they are approved the contributor is rewarded automatically by on-chaining the GitHub API. We use Base L2 to deploy the DAO factory contracts, overall to provide the no code DAO creation tool. We use SoulBound NFTs to represent ownership in a DAO, this causes governance to be per person majority. Owning this NFT gives you rewards for being active within the DAO, basically providing income from the treasury for participating.

The biggest thing worth mentioning is the vision for the creation, this will continue to be build and has had so much planning, unfortunately due to time restraints could not develop entire platform. Special note to Chainlink connection to track GitHub contributions on chain and create tasks to set the scope of these contributions, linked with our governance contracts to vote if these solutions are worth the reward. We use base to deploy our no code DAO creation contracts.

Check out the Miro to see our plan and future vision for the platform:

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