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Wind Breathers

Wind-Breathers is a game where you can explore the metaverse, connect with others, and enjoy the thrill of flying a fighter jet, built on the Mona Protocol.

Wind Breathers

Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

Wind-Breathers is an immersive game set in the expansive metaverse. Players can go on adventures, meet and connect with other users, and participate in exciting aerial dogfights piloting a fighter jet. The game leverages the innovative Mona Protocol, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Dive into Wind-Breathers for a unique blend of social interaction and high-flying action.

How it's Made

Wind-Breathers was built using several key technologies. We used Unity for the main game development, with visual scripting to make the creation process faster and easier. The Mona Protocol was crucial for connecting the game to the metaverse and letting players interact with each other. We also used special graphics and physics tools in Unity to make the flying feel real and the environments look great. A notable trick we used was custom shaders to improve the game's visual effects, giving it a unique look. These technologies came together to create an exciting and immersive game.

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