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full feature front-end social network 'twitter-like' leveraging lens protocol capabilities


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🏅 Polygon — Best use of Polygon

Project Description

I think decentralized 'twitter-like' is clear enough but I need to fill thix box :p. You can post publications, comment on posts, follow people and thus have a feed of things that interest you and with which you can interact. You do it through creating a profile that represents ou and your interactions with the environnement.

How it's Made

This front-end app uses React through Next.js. It interacts with the LENS API using Apollo Client, and with Polygon using ether.js and wagmi. The complete, easy-to-use and pretty chakra ui library is used for styling. Aplied react hooks a lot in this app, not easy everyday ! Was forced to code quickly (maybe too quickly) and had to take shortcuts I would like to "fix" properly to improve my coding skills. Practiced a lot of react/next and loved it, particularly when pairing it to web3 tech. Thanks for organizing the event !

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