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Wido Router

Cross-chain and cross-protocol deposits, withdrawals and liquidity migrations

Wido Router

Created At

HackMoney 2022

Winner of


🥈 Yearn Finance — Best Use


🥇 Covalent — Best Use


🏆 HackMoney Finalist

Project Description

See it live here:

Wido Router enables cross-chain deposits and withdrawals for the first time.

It allows users to deposit tokens like USDC or DAI from source chain into a vault or farm on a different chain, without the need to own destination chain tokens. It bundles multiple transactions behind the scenes, making it seamless for the user.

It allows withdrawals from vaults on chain A into a different chain. For example, with Wido Router, you can withdraw USDC from a vault on Ethereum into your Fantom wallet, all in a single step. You don't need to worry about finding a bridge, bridging etc.

Or you can deposit USDC from Fantom into a vault on Avalanche, without having any AVAX.

The transactions can be composed, allowing even more complex liquidity moves. I.e. user can move their liquidity from a USDC yearn vault on Ethereum into a DAI yearn vault on Fantom. This is what will happen behind the scenes:

  1. withdraw USDC from yearn vault on Ethereum

  2. swap USDC for DAI on Ethereum

  3. bridge DAI into Fantom

  4. deposit DAI into a Fantom vault

All of it in a single transaction!

How it's Made

See it live here:

Wido Router consists of separate smart contracts on each chain supported. The routing system is extensible to any chain or protocol. For the HackMoney Hackathon, we integrated it with Ethereum, Avalanche and Fantom.

Wido Router contracts use LayerZero behind the scenes to handle cross-chain messaging. It uses StargateFinance to bridge funds across chains.

Wido Router contracts also use an off-chain component which chooses the optimal path for the token swaps to ensure the lowest slippage. We plan to make it public using IPFS.

Wido Widget is built with React, and initially, we integrated it into UI. It is possible to integrate it with any other protocol or wallet.

Wido Router UI uses Covalent to retrieve wallet balances.

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