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One-stop dashboard for checking against suspicious source of funds


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

  As technology and business models develop, consumers and businesses are increasingly using digital financial services for a range of different purposes.
 With the emergence of Web3, we now have the tools to transfer value over networks much like we transferred information. This quickly led to fledgling digital economies, where one type of tokenized value was transparently exchanged for another without the need for intermediaries.

   Future e-commerce will become decentralized-commerce and this rises the question of each participant’s trust, since no more (trusted) third-party exists to guarantee the trustworthiness. 
  Whitelisted solves the issue of payer trustworthiness, by performing deep checks of its source of funds. That being said, when you buy/sell anything using decentralized-commerce channels, you don’t have to stress whether you can’t exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat money due to suspicious source of funds (as propagated from the payer).

  Whitelisted will be the easiest and the most popular tool for checking against suspicious source of funds, simply by copy-pasting an address into a website.

How it's Made

We like open source so that we forked the Uniswap interface for the Web interface. The backend makes use of docker images with python & flask for the backend API.

An Ethereum smart contract was deployed on the test net which holds the root address of malicious actors together with the IPFS links to directories which would hold the entire list of the Eth addresses which were transited by illicit funds.

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