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Highly incentivized mixing pool burner wallet generator tool


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Project Description

We’re left facing a global privacy crisis, corporations will use our stolen data to exploit our every behavior. Our app seeks to provide privacy by generating burner wallets in a quick and easy way. Our app let's the user sets aside an amount of DAI at the start of each month, users deposit DAI into a mixer, and the DAI is stored as aDAI (or AAVE-DAI). This allows interest to be generated towards the prize pool. This pooled mixing event anonymizes all the funds and distributes them appropriately into anonymized burner wallets. Additionally, everytime funds are deposited, users stand to win a reward as part of the mixing lottery. This no-loss lottery system.

How it's Made

For the project, the work done was mainly in setting up the Solidity contracts to manage the lottery-mixer system. We did this by modifying and combining the Tornado Cash and PoolTogether contracts into a single lottery-mixer pool. Most of the modifications were done to the PoolTogether Contracts as they have a lot of specific parts that weren’t immediately clear as to their function in the system as well as modifying them to support the prize distribution system and keep a level of privacy. One thing that is interesting that we did was set up the prize distribution system to also use Tornado Cash in order to keep privacy between the crop of winners. This allows the winners of each prize period to keep their outgoing transaction separate from their incoming transaction, at least within the circle of award winners. We used Truffle to set up our smart contracts.

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