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Bring your Web 3 identity wherever you are online with wgmi.ID. One brandable address to showcase who you are across Web 2 and 3.

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๐Ÿ›  Polygon - Best Tooling/Infrastructure

Project Description

The link-in-bio industry is worth millions of dollars, serving millions of customers. The biggest name in the space recently raised $45mn. Combining this with the exponential, uncapped growth of Web 3, wgmi.ID (wgmi = we're gonna make it, id = identification) meets an untapped, growing demand for a cross-chain, interoperable, interweb, a la link-in-bio showcase of identity.

Through providing a highly marketable and brandable one address -- -- for all things relevant to Web 3 and the metaverse, individuals, influencers, groups, and companies who are currently shifting to Web 3 will be able to provide their community -- family, friends, and following -- with one link to 1) show who they are with selected NFTs and 2) connect one another through payment links, social media accounts, and wallet addresses.

wgmi.ID has the potential to become a driver for multi-chain interoperability and interweb development. Its ability to serve as a foundation for a highly extensible ecosystem is what makes it a utility-first, solution-based product -- e.g. through a one-address, cross-chain payments address, .wgmi domain resolution, etc.

How it's Made

To build the product, I made use of a primarily JavaScript (Vue.js) stack. The main backend of the product is powered by Moralis -- to provide wallet authentication services, a listener for on-chain events via RPC node, and a database for on-chain and off-chain data. I have integrated the Polygon Network, with the help of NFTPort, to provide the platform's proof-of-ownership token functionality, whose metadata is then stored on IPFS. I have also made use of various APIs to fetch and supplement NFT metadata.

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