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Create your content via VitePress and store on FVM && IPFS, it powered by Vue3, VitePress, NFT.Storage, FVM


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Project Description

The project builds based on the Vitepress and makes it work with FVM and IPFS. It deploys an NFT contract onto FVM and while the user creates new content on Vitepress, it also stores the content onto IPFS and mints the NFT on FVM too;) !!! While Creators can use markdown to create their new blog && article and publish on Vitepress with the fully customized capability

How it's Made

This project uses these techs:

  • Vitepress
  • Vue3
  • NFT.Storage
  • FVM

It uses an NFT contract to connect the content to web3, while the user publishes content on Vitepress, it stores content onto IPFS and saves the IPFS CID onto the FVM via the NFT contract.

This is great as we can make a SaaS further so that not only the hacker use the Vitepress to publish content to IPFS but the normal users who just visit a website can use the service and add more useful content to web3!

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