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A Decentralised Social Networking Platform


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ETHIndia 2022

Winner of


🚀 IPFS & Filecoin — 5️⃣ FVM Track: Top 5


🏊 Push Protocol — Prize Pool


🏊‍♀️ Biconomy — Pool Prize


🏊 Valist — Prize Pool


🏊 ENS — Integration Prize

Project Description

The users can use the application for social networking like Instagram.

But in web3gram, no data is stored in any centralised authority.

Instead they are stored in decentralised storage manner.

This prevents many problems like, content plagiarism, makes copyright claims easier, etc. We have tried to implement the application logic using Filecoin Virtual Machine where each post is recorded in FVM.

How it's Made

Since we were using vue3 with viteJS for the application development, we faced so many challenges while implementing the gasless transactions in biconomy and file upload. Then we had to migrate the application to webpack. Also we faced few issues while trying to implement PUSH and Huddle into FVM.

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