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Publish a web3 comic as a ready-to-mint NFT in a single click


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Project Description

Web3Comic is a website for creators to publish comic as a ready-to-mint NFT. It mints each page of the comic as a separate ERC721 NFT. Making it possible to burn individual chapter and get each page as a separate NFT. This is something more easy to do on L2 as compared to L1s. As L1 have high gas fees and deploying a separate ERC721 contract for each NFT is very expensive. The design is a one click publish, it lets a creator publish a chapter through a single form submission. A single deployment of an ERC721 costs approximately ~800,000 gas units So we can deploy ~37 ERC721 in a single block on Zora which has a gas limit 30 million. However, this is the idea case and so I put a limit of 25 pages + a chapter NFT on the factory deployer.

How it's Made

The app is a complete Svelte app. I used tailwind css to style the components. The contracts are written in Solidity and deployed on L2 Optimism and Zora. The L2s provide a low gas fees making it easy and cheap to deploy the contracts. L2s make it easy to keep the contracts simple and reduce margin for errors in contracts.

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