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Web3Agent 2.0

Simplified blockchain interactions, AI-driven smart contract deployment, and integrated DeFi operations.

Web3Agent 2.0

Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Squid Router - Best use of Squid 3rd place


Fleek - Pool Prize

Prize Pool

Project Description

Here's the enhanced description with the additional features about Galadriel's AI image generation and contract DeFi operations on the FEVM chain, as well as searching FVM pool data:

User-Friendly Smart Contracts

Write and deploy contracts without coding expertise, making blockchain accessible to all.

🚀 Multi-Chain Deployment

Interact with various blockchains like Scroll Sepolia, Goerli, and Filecoin's Calibration testnet for versatile applications.

📊 Enhanced Blockchain Commands

Execute tasks like checking balances and exploring transactions with intuitive commands on Ethereum and supported networks.

👩‍🏫 Accessibility and Education

Remove jargon, making blockchain user-friendly. Act as an educational resource for blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies.

💼 DeFi Integration

Seamlessly engage with DeFi services, promoting financial inclusivity. Provide educational content for informed decision-making.

🛡️ Promotion of Safe DeFi Practices

Offer guides, risk assessments, and tools for secure DeFi participation.

🛠️ How it's Made:

  • Interactions: Natural language powered by OpenAI's GPT-4.
  • Backend: Efficient processing using Node.js.
  • Blockchain Interaction: Directly connects with multiple blockchains.
  • Storage: Potentially utilizes IPFS for decentralized storage solutions.

🌟 Galadriel AI Image Generation

Utilize AI to generate images based on prompts, powered by smart contract interactions on the Galadriel network. Users can input descriptions and receive AI-generated images directly, enhancing creative and promotional capabilities.

🔗 Contract DeFi Operations on FEVM Chain

Execute sophisticated DeFi operations using smart contracts on the Filecoin Ethereum Virtual Machine (FEVM) chain. This enables decentralized finance activities, such as staking, lending, and liquidity provision, within the Filecoin ecosystem.

🔍 Search FVM Pool Data

Access and analyze Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) pool data effortlessly. This feature allows users to obtain comprehensive insights into pool statistics, enhancing decision-making in DeFi activities.

How it's Made

How It's Made: Key Points

  1. Frontend:

    • React.js: Built a user-friendly interface.
    • Ethers.js & MetaMask: Enabled direct blockchain interactions and secure wallet connectivity.
  2. Backend:

    • Node.js & Express.js: Handled API requests and backend logic.
    • Hardhat: Developed, tested, and deployed smart contracts.
  3. Blockchain Interaction:

    • Multi-Chain Deployment: Used Ethereum, Scroll Sepolia, Goerli, and Filecoin's Calibration testnet for versatile blockchain operations.
    • FEVM Integration: Conducted advanced DeFi operations on the Filecoin network.
  4. Storage:

    • IPFS: Used decentralized storage for data integrity and availability.
  5. AI Integration:

    • OpenAI GPT-4: Simplified blockchain interactions with natural language processing and AI-generated images on the Galadriel network.
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